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September, 2005

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    Patch 1763 for Enterprise Library - January 2005

    This week we released Patch 1763 for Enterprise Library January 2005 ("1.0") to our GotDotNet Community site. Full information about what the patch is, when and how to apply it is described in the Readme , but I wanted to give a quick explanation here...
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    DAAB in Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0

    Here we go again – another Data Access Application Block (DAAB). Those of you who have been following our team and using our stuff for a while probably know that DAAB was the first code-based deliverable that we produced, and was also the first ever ...
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    Architecture Testing Guidance

    Prior to working at Microsoft, on occasion I've had the misfortune to work on projects where the test team has consisted of developers who weren't considered as good enough to work on the real development team. The result, as could easily be predicted...
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