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November, 2005

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    GAT Release Plans

    Those diehard p&p fans in the audience are no doubt familiar with the Guidance Automation Toolkit (or GAT). We first launched GAT in May 2005, and so far it has had little fanfare - but this is in fact one of our most significant deliverables. GAT...
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    Say g'day to another p&p blogger

    At long last, Jason Hogg has launched his own blog, titled (of course) The Hogg Blog . For those who don't know Jason, he's a Program Manager in our team, currently working on the Integration and Web Services program. He's also another Aussie - well kind...
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    What’s up with the Cryptography Application Block?

    I know that when many of you downloaded the November CTP of Enterprise Library, you were surprised to find out that it didn’t include the Cryptography Application Block. That’s not too surprising, as it took our team by surprise as well. I wanted to give...
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    Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 - November CTP now available!

    We're pleased to announce that the November Community Technology Preview of Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 is now available to download (and on the same day as the Visual Studio 2005 launch too - what a coincidence! :-) We've done a lot...
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