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Enterprise Library Update

Enterprise Library Update

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December is here, and I know that a lot of you are getting anxious for an update on Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0. So here’s the latest:

We are now code complete on all blocks (with the exception of Cryptography), including all of the designtime and config tool. We still have a bit of testing to do, and bugs are trickling in – but they are all being fixed quickly and we are very happy with the stability of the library. So much so that we have just published the December “interim community drop” of the latest code to the community. This code is very high quality, but we haven’t gone through all of the packaging and polish that went with the CTP (sorry, I know a full CTP would be better, but it would take more time and we're putting all our effort on the final release). The runtime code is 99% the same as what we shipped in the November CTP (we did fix a few bugs) but we’ve added the designtime and tooling support. The new designtime code does depend on a few minor fixes to the runtime, so you won’t be able to use it with the November CTP runtime code – but the configuration files generated with the tool should generally work OK with the CTP build.

The only significant outstanding task before we release is finalizing the Cryptography Application Block. The good news is that we now have a firm direction on what changes need to be made – this will be limited to some strengthening of our key management strategy for the symmetric algorithm and keyed hash providers. We are working on these changes now and we now expect to include this block in the final release of Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0. The bad news is that this will require us to slightly slip the release date – we are now estimating mid January 2006. We apologize for this late change in schedule, but we do hope that having a full release including the Cryptography Application Block is worth waiting a few extra weeks for.

Thanks again for all of your support – enjoy the new build and keep the feedback coming in!

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  • Does this require Team Suite to build? VS2k5 Pro complains about invalid project types.

  • Where would I find he Configuration Tool?
    ANy Help would be appreciated
  • Bryan - there is an EnterpriseLibrary.VSTS.sln and an EnterpriseLibrary.NUnit.sln. The former requires VSTS, but the latter will work with any build (and you don't actually need NUnit unless you want to run the tests).

    Bill - the configuration tool lives in \src\Configuration\Console.

  • Woo hoo! Just downloaded it and will be giving it a go. Configuration for the masses...
  • Is it safe to assume that this interim release is based on the production release of the 2.0 framework?
  • Chris - thanks - I know you were crying out for the tool. Let me know what you think.

    Walter - yes, very, very safe assumption :)
  • Thanks Tom. Not use NUnit? I don't thinl I could get my pants on right without it :-)

    Can't wait to give this a go.
  • I just built it and can't wait to give it a go, but would it be possible to get whatever the latest documentation is? I'm trying to make use of the ObjectBuilder and want to make sure I am making correct use of the different features and generics for DI.

    Also, entlib 2.0 is actually fun to work with and the configuration is pretty simple. Definitely a big step from 1.0. Thanks for all the hard work.


  • Thanks Tom

    Keep the good work
  • Some how the configuration tools. remove this lines if existed already in web.config. This cause problems. Since it do need LocalSqlServer. (Anyway, it is excellent library)

    <remove name="LocalSqlServer"/>
    <add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=aspnetdb;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>
  • Great Work again !!!

    I found very cool the new projects organization (some new unit test projects), and the new Instrumentacion component ... mmmm another great idea !!!

    Bye from Spain
  • Jason: the November CTP is still the best source of the docs. We are working on filling in the gaps, but unfortunately we haven't got anything about detailed about the Object Builder strategies at this time. If you have specific questions, post them to GotDotNet and we'll try to answer them.

    John: Yes, there are a few interesting implications to using System.Configuration for Enterprise Library. While the <add>/<remove>/<clear> semantics are understood by the blocks at runtime, the tool won't recognize all of these and may delete things if you use anything but <add>. Also all configuration in machine.config is merged together both at runtime and designtime, so you'll see the LocalSqlServer in every application you use, but you won't be able to edit or delete that value using the tool. If you really don't want it there, you can modify your machine.config file.

  • what about azman provider in Security Application Block?

  • I implemented the November CTP in a 2.0 Framework web application. We had previously utilized the June Edition of the 1.1 DAAB. Though there was some code modifications needed, everything seems to function quite well and as expected. For the interm source, would it be better to build, then use the configuration tool, or should/can I just use my exisiting web.config? I would suspect that I would be able to just use my exisiting, but want to make sure before I run the Configuration tool on my exisiting configuration file.
  • Will a rolling flat file logging sink be provided or will we have to create a custom sink
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