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Some bloody cool Enterprise Library v2 Extensions

Some bloody cool Enterprise Library v2 Extensions

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Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here - but better late than never! There are a couple of really cool community extensions to the Enterprise Library configuration tool that should be of interest to a lot of you.

First, Olaf Conijn has updated his way-cool Environmental Overrides plug-in for the new .NET 2.0 release of Enterprise Library. (Update: The threads of the universe are converging, and Olaf has updated his extensions to work with Colin's Integration Pack listed below.) Since a picture tells 2^10 words, take a look:

Not to be outdone, Colin Coller has just released his Avanade Integration Pack for Enterprise Library which finally addresses our elusive goal of integrating the config tool into Visual Studio - we'd planned this for the last 3 versions but it keeps on getting cut. So thanks to Colin for his efforts in filling this hole and sharing with the community!

And finally, some late breaking news ;-). Alois Kraus has put together an extension that addresses an annoying problem in v2 whereby the tool needs to be able to locate the assemblies for all block plug-in types in order to load the configuration (we tried really hard to avoid this problem without luck - I'll explain why in another posting). Great work Alois!

  • Hi Tom,

    I am not sure if it is good enough to mention it. I have created a configurable Assembly Loader for the Entlib Config tool to make App.Config editing easier.


     Alois Kraus
  • Hey Alois - yes this qualifies as "bloody cool" in my book - I just didn't know about it yet! I updated the post to give you some more exposure...
  • It seems Colin Coller has pulled the link to the Avanade Integration Pack for Enterprise Library.

    "UPDATE: Download temporarily disabled while we resolve some issues on our side."

    from the colinco site.

    Cool Tools for the others
  • just like Alois im not sure if it is good enough to mention but we have release the  DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library 2.0 for C# and VB.NET


  • Great work. Thanks. It is definetely needed.
  • Thanks for the credits Tom. I hope this addon will make live even easier.

     Alois Kraus
  • Thanks Haaron - the Data Tier Generator is indeed cool as well - but is there really an Enterprise Library 2.0 version? The releases on the site appear to be for the 1.1 release (or am I suffering from domestic blindness?)

  • Your are right, sorry i was confused to, but know you can download the DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library 2.0 Edition here.  

  • Haaron,
    The DataTierGenerator code you released on GDN happens to be tagged with a GPL license.  This /could/ pose a problem for EntLib users, since EntLib's EULA forbids distribution with GPL code (implicitly).

    Perhaps it's not a problem if the code is not compiled together -- but I just wanted to let you know of the question.
  • EasyObjects.NET 2.0 has also been released as a Technical Preview.
  • What do I mean by DRY? Don't Repeat Yourself. Do you often times find yourself repeating the same code...
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