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October, 2006

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    One week until TechEd: Developers

    TechEd: Developers kicks off in Barcelona on November 7th. According to the site, it's not too late to register - so if you're looking for some great technical content and you're from that part of the world (or if you can get there), you better get cracking...
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    Live in Concert

    OK, so I won't be accompanied by a full orchestra, and if past experience is anything to go by, I won't expect a lot of groupies. But, I do have a couple of presentations coming up that I wanted to plug. While I know this sounds like a cliche, getting...
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    The Emperor's New Web-based Office Suite

    Every couple of years, the tech media giants get together to hold a secret meeting. According to my sources, it takes place in a cave, deep underground, somewhere just east of Wagga Wagga. The main order of business is to choose the next technology that...
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