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May, 2007

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    Enterprise Library 3.1 is released

    Those with a keen eye may have already discovered the 3.1 release out in the wild, first inside the new Smart Client Software Factory release, and in the last couple of days the complete MSI has been available if you searched through the MSDN download...
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    Enterprise Library 3.1 is coming!

    While I've been jetsetting around the world, in Redmond the Enterprise Library team has hard at work putting together the 3.1 release. Before you get too excited, this is really just a maintenance release addressing a small number of issues discovered...
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    I'm home!

    Yesterday morning I landed in Sydney. It's fantastic, although a little strange to be home, even though "home" is a new city for us. Here is the view from our temporary accommodation by day... ...and by night... ...and just as the morning...
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    Software Factories Exit Poll

    It's been almost a year since we released our first software factory. In the months leading up to that first release, the Smart Client Factory, we thought we were onto something interesting, but I certainly wouldn't have predicted that a year later we...
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    Reminder: Policy Injection Application Block webcast on this week

    Ready to pimp your objects? Make sure you come along to my final webcast as a p&p team member, Introducing the Policy Injection Application Block . It's on this coming Tuesday, May 8th at 1:00pm PDT or 20:00 UTC. Chris Tavares (get a blog!) and Ed...
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    And Now For Something (somewhat) Different

    In late 2003, my wife Paula and I decided it was time for a change of lifestyle, and we started looking for options to live overseas. After exploring a few different paths, I ended up receiving an offer to join the patterns & practices team as a Product...
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    Help Wanted! "p&p Contrib" is open for business!

    Making our deliverables extensible has always been an important goal for p&p. While we do our best to provide the most flexible and complete solutions as possible, we know we can never meet 100% of your requirements, even within a single domain. To...
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