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June, 2007

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    VB4: "XAML, I am your father"

    I think I've mentioned before that I've been a Visual Basic developer since the glory days of VB 1.0. While these days I prefer the syntax of C#, I still dabble in VB fairly often (usually because I've been the only one in p&p who will write VB QuickStarts...
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    The Seven Deadly Sins of Reusable Asset Development

    The other day a customer asked me to give them some advice on building or acquiring a development framework. As it turns out, I've spent most of the last seven years either building or using reusable code assets of various kinds, so I happily agreed....
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    WPF, Silverlight, Virtual Earth... Oh My!

    Earlier this week I helped out with a presentation to customers that took them through our latest and greatest user experience platform. Michael Kordahi (aka Delicate Genius , I haven't asked why) showed a heap of awesome demos, many of which I haven...
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    Adventures in Usability

    One of the fun things about moving across the world is that you get to play with a lot of new and different pieces of technology. From new notebooks and mobiles, through to cars and washing machines, almost every day there are new buttons to press and...
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    Breaking the cycle of failed development projects

    It's been a bit over two weeks since I arrived back in Australia, and things are slowly coming together. We're still waiting for all of our stuff to arrive, and for that matter a place to put it all - but at least it's sunny every day, and I'm enjoying...
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