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July, 2007

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    First Release of EntLib Contrib

    Sorry my blog has been a little quiet lately, as I've been spending most of my time unpacking boxes. While our place is still a bit of a disaster, most of the boxes are finally empty so hopefully I can get back to a bit more blogging. The other thing...
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    p&p in the Real World: First Impressions

    As a product manager at patterns & practices , I got to write a lot more code than most people would expect from a product manager. However the nature of the job and the team meant that it was basically all prototypes and samples. So after over 3...
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    Tech.Ed, here I come!

    To continue my recent tradition of attending Tech.Ed in a different region every year, this year I'll be playing on home soil at Tech.Ed Australia (on the Gold Coast, 7-10 August) and Tech.Ed New Zealand (in Auckland, 13-15 August). I'll be presenting...
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    GAX 1.3 for Orcas announced

    Grigori Melnik , who has taken over responsibility of GAX and Enterprise Library since my departure from patterns & practices, has spilled the beans on the initial plans for the next version of GAX, which is being called 1.3 internally (but probably...
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