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October, 2007

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    What do you want to see in EntLib vNext?

    Grigori has finally broken the silence on the patterns & practices team's plans for Enterprise Library with this short post on the Codeplex community : Yes, we are planning a release of EntLib for VS2008, consisting of fixes and minor improvements...
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    Coming this Spring: Writing for a global audience

    A lot (but probably still not nearly enough) time is often spent discussing and testing for internationalisation of software. This is of course a very important consideration for anyone building software designed for use in different countries and cultures...
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    The Repository Factory - Try It, Use It, Contribute!

    This news isn't exactly hot of the presses, but it probably flew under the radar for many of you so I thought it was worth a blog post. The first official release of the Repository Factory is now available to download from CodePlex. Not sure what this...
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    Some bad sportsmanship

    It's been a tough month not to be obsessed with sport. Not that I don't occasionally partake in watching a bunch of sweaty men on a paddock doing unnatural things to a ball - but this last month has been bordering on the ridiculous. As a lot of people...
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    EntLib Contrib September 2007 Release

    In keeping with the p&p team's tradition of naming a release after the month that's just finished, the September 2007 release of EntLib Contrib is now available! EntLib Contrib is the community-driven open source project for extensions to the patterns...
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