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My Clean Image Installation List

My Clean Image Installation List

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Today I rebuilt my work laptop for the first time in about 15 months. It was actually running fairly well in most regards, but I'm currently in a gap between projects so I thought it was a good time to clean out all the crap that one accumulates on a machine that's used every day.

I thought it would be interesting to chronicle the list of things I installed in the first few hours after the clean rebuild, and to find out how this compares with other people's critical software list.

I started with a Windows Vista Enterprise SP1 image that came with Office 2007 pre-installed by our IT department. On top of that, here's what I've added today:

  • Live Mesh
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Office Communicator
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Find As You Type for Internet Explorer
  • Silverlight
  • Flash
  • Adobe Reader
  • Enterprise Library (of course!)

And here's what I'm absolutely not going to install, no matter how many times other installers try to trick me into doing so:

  • Google toolbar
  • Windows Live toolbar
  • Apple QuickTime, iTunes or Safari

BTW, if any of you ever meet a developer from any software company who believes it's acceptable to install icons onto my desktop or QuickLaunch bar without asking permission first, please give them a kick up the arse from me.

  • Instead of Adobe I install Foxit Reader for my pdf needs. No update crap as services which adobe wants to install

  • Recedtly I've been uding Foxit's PDF reader so I'd change Adobe Reader to Foxit Reader.  For me it's much lighter weight and feels less buggy to me.

  • I've got a new system, which makes life easier:

    1 - Install Ultimate, perform all updates: create back-up image.

    2 - Install essential software, create back-up image.

    Now I can re-image a machine exactly like I love within 30 minutes.

    Additional apps I use:

    Beyond Compare

    SQL Server Manager Studio

    Photoshop CS3

    Pixie (natty software)

    FireFox (for testing)

    Office 2007

  • Amen about the icons on the desktop and the QuickLaunch bar! Who do these clowns think they are cluttering up my system with icons all over the place?

  • Tom,

    My list of musts:

    1. Beyond Compare

    2. Paint.Net

    3. IrfanView

    4. KeePass

    5. Daemon Tools Lite

    6. Maxthon

    7. Debugging Tools for Windows

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