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Enterprise Library 5.0 kick-off! Spend your $100 wisely!

Enterprise Library 5.0 kick-off! Spend your $100 wisely!

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It’s that time again – the kick-off for the next major release of Enterprise Library. I can’t believe we’re already up to version 5.0 – it doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were planning version 1.0.

Anyway, you should know the drill by now. The patterns & practices team needs your input to decide what new features and scenarios go into each new release. Despite the tough economic times, Grigori has been kind enough to give each and every one of you $100 each to spend on the new release – please drop by his blog and let him know how much you want to spend on which features.

I’m going to have to think hard as to where I spend my cash. Unfortunately we’re still using .NET 3.0 (and hence EntLib 3.1) on my current project, and most of my wishes were already granted in EntLib 4.x. Still, there’s always room for improvements, and I’ll be sure to come up with something.

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