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  • Blog Post: Automated Build and Deployment with Windows Azure SDK 1.6

    A few months ago I posted on how to automate deployment of Windows Azure projects using MSBuild. While the approach documented in that post continues to work, Windows Azure SDK 1.6 has introduced some new capabilities for managing Windows Azure credentials and publishing settings which I wanted to leverage...
  • Blog Post: Updates to Windows Azure MSBuild post for SDK 1.5

    Just a quick note that I’ve edited my previous post Using MSBuild to deploy to multiple Windows Azure environments based on some changes to the platform that have come with the Windows Azure SDK 1.5 and Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets 2.0. The main changes are to the MSBuild targets added to...
  • Blog Post: Environments for Windows Azure development

    What is an Environment? Anyone who has worked on a software development project will be familiar with the concept of an “environment”. Simply put, an environment is a set of infrastructure that you can deploy your application to, supporting a specific activity in your software development...
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