The Microsoft TechDays 2009 conference in Belgium was held from 10 till 12 March. A little more than 1.650 unique individuals came to Antwerp to attend one of 83 different sessions.Pictures of TechDays 2009

Here are a few blog posts from attendees and speakers:

At this point, most of the evaluations are in. We listen to our attendees:

  • 95% wrote that their time at TechDays was (very) well spent;
  • Attendees were happy with the content delivered – almost all sessions scored above our the required minimum score;
  • Also about the food and drinks:
    • Quite some people found the sandwiches too fancy and prefer more simple food;
    • Developers and IT pro’s are hungry after attending sessions – the caterer obviously didn’t expect people were so hungry;
    • We definitely must make all the rest rooms easier to find;
    • Attendees don’t like to get their drinks in a glass instead of the bottles (unfortunately the caterer ran out of bottles and had to give drinks in glasses on Thursday afternoon
    • Last year a lot of people asked for healthy food (fruit) instead of cakes and cookies - apparently people want to have both cookies and fruit.
  • Many people like the infrastructure of Metropolis and the location of the venue in Antwerp; some commented that they prefer Ghent as location for TechDays.