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  • Blog Post: I’m a PC

    The next wave of the Windows Vista global advertising campaign has kicked off with the “I’m a PC” advert. You can watch it and find out more at:  
  • Blog Post: Project Mojave Experiment Demos Released

    Project Mojave was a focus group where Windows XP users, who hadn't upgraded to Windows Vista were brought in, interviewed about their perceptions of Vista and then they got an exclusive demonstration of the next release of Windows, code-named "Mojave". Of course the kicker is that the product...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft introduces free power management software for PCs

    Two new applications have been released to enable consumers and business to improve the power management of their PCs, resulting in lower energy consumption. For consumers: Verdiem’s Edison is a free energy-monitoring application for eco-conscious consumers. You can use it to more actively control...
  • Blog Post: Now you can let the kids, customers, students or trainees loose on your PC

    Microsoft has released Windows SteadyState 2.5 .  SteadyState is a free application that enables you to protect your PC and its contents from accidental or intentional harm. It has been primarily designed for public access computers, for example in a library, Internet café, school or training...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Ireland Podcast: User Account Control

    The second Microsoft Ireland podcast is out. This episode has a discussion between Martha Rotter and Jorge Leitão (both from Microsoft Ireland) on "User Account Control". You can listen to it here . The first podcast which deals with Silverlight is here .
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