I have been happily using my Verizon XV6800 for about 6 months now. I have to say Live Search is one of the best applications I have ever used, but it has always irritated me that Verizon has disabled the GPS functionality on this GPS-capable phone. 

OK, so I'm headed back to the mothership for reprogramming to Seattle for training, and I learn of a software update that will install Windows Mobile 6.1, provide access to the EVDO Rev-a network, and enable GPS (OK, only for VZNavigator, but I guess that's better than nothing). Having only been to Seattle once before, (exactly 7 years ago, but that's another story...) I thought it would be a great idea to have the GPS on my phone (my Garmin was stolen from my car and I haven't replaced it yet)

So, I go to the Verizon site, download their update, and follow the instructions to the letter. Boom - I get my first error - Invalid command. It gives me some instructions about recovering, so I follow those, again to the letter. I try running it again - Invalid Command - again... At this point the screen on my phone shows nothing but red, green, and blue bars.

I call Verizon customer service, the first guy doesn't seem to know anything about the update. The second time I call, I get dropped. finally, the 3rd guy knows what he's talking about. Unfortunately, is only answer is to send me a new phone. I wanted to just go to a store and get a new one, but I was told they don't have any in the stores near me. So, I have to have them send the phone to Seattle, and activate my old phone. I'm irritated, but at least I have a phone. (I've always liked my Pantech PN-820 anyway, but nowadays, I need the full keyboard of the XV800)

I think I'm being really smart when I remember to bring my battery from the old XV6800 - now I don't have to charge the new battery right away. My phone is overnighted to my hotel, and I open the box, and here's the final capper that puts me over the top:


So now, I have a phone, a battery, the mini-USB cable for charging (I brought that too), but no way to keep the battery from falling out! Nice work, guys...

  • A bad software release that damages phones
  • No ability to get this resolved at a store
  • Sending a refurbished phone with no backing

bad, bad, bad... I like the network, but instead of just re-upping with a new phone, I'm going to look at other providers next year.