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    Paying for software

    In his blog, Omar talks about his adventures in getting a good deal on Photoshop. My take is slightly different: it's amazing what people will go through to avoid paying $20, $50, or $100 on a piece of software they would use every day for a few years...
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    Debugger quick reference

    As promised earlier , here's a one page quick reference describing some of the most frequently used commands in cdb / ntsd / windbg / kd. The debuggers themselves are available at and include...
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    Long live the command line interface

    Josh links to the VSCMDShell project, which is an effort to provide an addin to Visual Studio to host the command prompt as a tool window. Very useful, plus a trivial WinForms app makes it a replacement to the default cmd.exe as well. I know there are...
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