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    Notepad Replacement

    Omar Shahine links to a notepad replacement , including instructions for bypassing System File Protection to replace the notepad.exe binary. As a hardcore emacs user I've never bothered to replace notepad, but this would be very useful on test machines...
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    Fonts on XP

    Scoble and Dudley are having a debate about fonts and I can't help but think the little screenshot isn't enough to go on. For one, it's clear that Japanese fonts are not rendered using ClearType, so that's a topic for a different day. Right now I want...
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    PQI Intelligent Stick

    Last year, when visiting the new Fry's in Renton, I ran across one of these , and bought it instantly: Sure, USB drives are always useful, but this has one additional compelling feature: it's small enough to put in your wallet. I find it much...
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    Enabling Remote Desktop, remotely

    Let's say you're in a situation where you can't log into your XP machine because you forgot to click that checkbox. psexec to the rescue! psexec \\machinename reg add "hklm\system\currentcontrolset\control\terminal server" /f /v fDenyTSConnections...
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    Internet Explorer Wiki

    Channel9 now has a section dedicated to IE. Jump on in!
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