My coworker Jeff Davis posted about IE7 and the cyclical nature of blogging, especially for those of us working on things that haven't yet been publicly announced. It includes a great ship analogy, and having been on the "critical path" for most of IE7 development (and before that having endured all my Longhorn Alpha work being scrapped (not for technical reasons)) mentally I think I'm still out on shore leave to a bit of an extent. ;-)

I tend to blog in bursts, with the prerequisite that I have ideas and I'm not suffering from writer's block. These days I have a list of at least a dozen topics queued up -- not including a bunch of overdue in-depth posts about IE7's tabbed browsing architecture -- so I just need to get to it, I guess.

Since you asked, other great blogs you should read are Coding Horror, Eric.Weblog(), and Fabulous Adventures in Coding.