Recently, a technical writer in my group created a few videos about Forefront Online Protection for Exchange that are a great introduction to the product. If you have decided to implement it in your organization, the following videos can make the process easier:

The video Forefront Online Protection for Exchange: Activating Your Filtering Service walks you through the first three steps of the FOPE Setup Checklist.  Micah shows you how to validate your domain for FOPE and create your FOPE CNAME. Then, you’ll learn how to enable the domain.

Forefront Online Protection for Exchange: Configuring Your Filtering Service continues where the Activating Your Filtering Service video leaves off. This video shows you how to create your FOPE MX record and set it to  You will also learn how to create a multi-SMTP profile and set deferral notifications.

The video series Forefront Online Protection for Exchange: Administration Center 101 takes you on a tour of the FOPE Admin Center.  Learn how to sign in to FOPE and how you can manage FOPE using the various tabs in the Admin Center.