We recently received a question about our on-premises protection products, Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (FPE) and Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint (FPSP).

Question: When does performance and health data begins to accumulate?

First, a little context. When you use our on-premises protection products, you are provided with statistics and health monitoring reports that help you keep tabs on your environment. The TechNet topic Monitoring performance and health for FPE goes into detail about how you can view statistics and health monitoring reports, viewing scan engine information, and so on (here is the sister topic in the FPSP documentation - Monitoring performance and health). Folks were wondering if data accumulation resets periodically, or if there is a delay before it begins.

Answer: From the time you begin using the product.

The following is from the FPE 2010 topic I linked to previously:

Monitoring performance by viewing statistics

You can monitor the performance of FPE by viewing the statistics in the Dashboard. If you need the statistics broken down further, you can view detailed malware statistics, detailed filtering statistics, and detailed spam statistics.

Note: Statistics data (for instance, the total number of messages processed by content filtering) is accumulated from the time you begin using FPE, unless you reset the data as explained later in this topic.

I hope that helps.