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I'm a technical writer at Microsoft who writes about SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync, and how you can use them with Office 365.

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  • Blog Post: Windows File Classification Infrastructure

    This morning I've been doing some reading about Windows FCI . I've mentioned it on this blog before. In short, FCI helps you determine the business value of files on your network (typically, you'd be looking for sensitive data that you want to protect or delete). One of my colleagues has written the...
  • Blog Post: Case Study: Using File Classification Infrastructure to Classify Data and Protect Information

    Microsoft recently released a case study that describes how Microsoft IT used FCI and the Bulk Protection Tool to classify and protect sensitive data. The File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) provides mechanisms to not only classify HBI files on a fileserver, but in conjunction with File Server...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Partnership with EMC

    Microsoft has announced a partnership with EMC to provide dynamic data classification for content, among other things. Currently, the typical process is that a knowledge worker adds sensitive information to a file and then manually applies security to that file. To illustrate, Steve creates an Excel...
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