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I'm a technical writer at Microsoft who writes about SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync, and how you can use them with Office 365.

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  • Blog Post: Phishing Scams - Hard to Spot

    This article on MSN Money, Phishing: Consumers take the bait , caught my attention: Phishing — typically emails that fool the victim into believing they're answering a request for information from a company they do business with — is one of the most common and longest running types of...
  • Blog Post: Avoid Becoming a Victim of Spam

    I wrote this for my friends and family and I thought I'd share it here: Last week my wife got an email message that looked like it was from our bank. (The message had similar coloring and branding as our bank's) It asked her to go to another website and update her account information. It was a scam...
  • Blog Post: Spammers Make 57,000 Fake Web Sites a Week

    Last week my wife got an email message from a website that looked like our bank's website. It asked her to click a link and update her account information. She told me about it, I checked it out, and subsequently gave her a ten-minute lecture on the tricks that spammers use to get you to give them your...
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