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May, 2004

  • Stephen Toub

    TechNet Magazine!!

    Today at TechNet we announced a new magazine that will be available this fall, TechNet Magazine: The Microsoft Journal for IT Professionals . TechNet Magazine, a joint publication of Microsoft Corporation and CMP Media LLC, will provide in-depth, hands...
  • Stephen Toub

    Media Center and Outlook

    As I mentioned in my last post , I recently wrote an article for MSDN detailing an approach for synchronizing calendars in Outlook with custom event data sources. I also mentioned that I included a few demo (but usable) CalendarProvider implementations...
  • Stephen Toub

    Custom Calendar Providers for Outlook 2003

    I have been playing around with this concept for quite a while and finally decided to put it down in an article on MSDN: Custom Calendar Providers for Outlook 2003 Outlook 2003 has really cool integration with SharePoint in that it can consume SharePoint...
  • Stephen Toub

    June 2004 MSDN Magazine now online!

    The June 2004 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online! with the June installment of the .NET Matters column available here:
  • Stephen Toub

    Programmatically Enabling a Switch

    While testing a project I was working on today, I wanted to change the level of a Switch used in one of the framework assemblies. Since I wasn't creating the instance of the Switch-derived class used in that code, the only built-in option available to...
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