I was asked earlier this week if I knew of any tools that would let one easily edit the metadata associated with a DVR-MS file.  Specifically, the person wanted to edit the title and description of a recorded show.  There may very well be such a tool out there, but I'd never seen one, so I threw one together:

This tool is a pretty simple wrapper around the code from my Fun with DVR-MS article, specifically the DvrmsMetadataEditor class.  It loads the metadata into a DataGrid, let's you edit existing metadata or add new metadata (doesn't let you delete right now), and then saves any additions or modifications back to the target file.  Kind of handy, so I've made it available for download.  I hope you find it useful.  Of course, if it ends up destroying your DVR-MS files, blowing up your computer, or something bad like that, I take no responsibility. :)