I was chatting with a few Microsoft folks last week, and they asked me if they could get a discounted rate on MSDN Magazine.  (Not that it's expensive to begin with; at $35 if you buy it through the MSDN Magazine Web site, and at $25 if you buy it through the offers typically distributed at conferences, an entire year's worth of issues is cheaper than most individual development books.) They were amazed when I told them they could get the magazine for free, not because they were Microsoft employees, but because they had MSDN Premium subscriptions.

That's right.  Apparently we've done too good a job at keeping this a secret (oops), but if you're an MSDN Premium subscriber in the US, you can get MSDN Magazine for free... all you have to do is sign up for it!

To register, simply go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions, sign in to "My MSDN Subscription," and click on "Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys." About half way down the page, you'll see information about the "MSDN Magazine offer for MSDN Premium Subscribers." Click and register... that's all there is to it.