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  • Blog Post: Sudoku in the Origami Experience Pack

    It looks like Sudoku made it into the Origami Experience Pack . You should be able to install this, or at least the Sudoku component, on any Vista machine.
  • Blog Post: Sudoku article in more languages

    I previously posted about translations of my Sudoku article into French and Spanish . Today I found it in Chinese and German , too!
  • Blog Post: Sudoku en español

    I found out this morning that my Sudoku article on MSDN has been translated into Spanish: Cool! Kudos to David Carmona Salas and his team for undertaking such a massive translation effort.
  • Blog Post: Sudoku en français

    I just found out that my Sudoku article has been translated into French: Cool!
  • Blog Post: Sudoku on a non-Tablet PC

    I've received a bunch of emails over the past week from people asking if I have a version of Sudoku.exe that runs on non-Tablet PCs. I tell them yes, and I tell them that they do, too :) Sudoku.exe references and uses types from Microsoft.Ink.dll, a .NET assembly included as part of Windows XP Tablet...
  • Blog Post: Randomness bugs

    Some of the hardest bugs to discover are those involved in features that contain intentionally random behavior. Sudoku was originally written using System.Random as its source of randomness. As is described in the article about its development, this randomness is used during any brute-force steps...
  • Blog Post: Solving Sudoku Puzzles from the Newspaper

    A few people have asked me if it's possible to use Microsoft Sudoku to solve puzzles other than the ones it creates, such as the ones in daily newspapers. Yes, it is! (However, a few lines of code are required to enable this feature.) The code you can download from MSDN for Sudoku has a cheat built...
  • Blog Post: Adding Skin Support to Sudoku

    With the source code for Microsoft Sudoku released on MSDN at , you can take the code and modify it to your liking, adding features, putting a new UI on the game for different environments, whatever cool projects you come...
  • Blog Post: Sudoku article on MSDN

    My Sudoku article on MSDN is live at Microsoft Sudoku: Optimizing UMPC Applications for Touch and Ink . At 60 pages, it's practically a book :) I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
  • Blog Post: Sudoku code now available!

    I'm happy to announce that the code for Microsoft Sudoku for the Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC is now available for download at: Note that the download includes the compiled app, so you can download and start...
  • Blog Post: Sudoku... want the code?

    In my last post I talked about the implementation of Sudoku we created for the Tablet PC and the Ultra-Mobile PC. Want the source code? How about an MSDN article explaining the ins and outs of how it was created, the algorithms used, how it makes use of the Tablet APIs, and more? Stay tuned...
  • Blog Post: Sudoku for the Tablet PC

    In July of 2005, I was visiting my brother and my college roommate John in London. While there, John got me hooked on Sudoku, a puzzle game that was then sweeping Europe and is now sweeping the US. On the way back to the states, instead of sleeping as I should have done, I opened Visual Studio and spent...
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