From the article: Bechtel put Vista’s IPv6 stack on trial - Network World

One benefit of Vista’s IPv6 implementation for Bechtel is the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP), a Microsoft-developed and patented technology that enables host computers to publish the names and IP addresses of peer computers. PNRP 2.0 comes bundled with Vista, but it was available as an add-on for Windows XP.

PNRP “is really, really important to Bechtel,” Wettling says. “You can imagine a job site, such as a refinery, where the first 30 days there’s not a network connection. How do you communicate? If we have PNRP, we can do peer-to-peer discovery of nearby hosts in either wired or wireless connections. It’s really attractive, and the good news is that it’s built into Vista.”