Head in the Clouds

As a software architect, my head is often in the clouds, dreaming of the future. And the future is increasingly in the cloud...

October, 2006

  • Head in the Clouds

    Outlook 2007 Form Region Sample

    I've finally finished my Form Region Sample for Outlook 2007 that was promised. I've been working on it in earnest for a couple weeks now in my spare time. I am now resisting the urge to continue tweaking it: it is time to lockdown and ship. The urge...
  • Head in the Clouds

    Back in Redmond

    It's good to be home. But we had a great time in Europe and learned a ton. The best thing I learned is that ISVs are using VSTO and using it well. Hopefully they learned from us as well. I have nothing but good things to say about the Frontline program...
  • Head in the Clouds

    On the road in Europe

    It has been almost two weeks now since I arrived in Europe. As noted, I had hoped to blog more, but with all of the working, sight-seeing, eating, drinking and travelling -- not to mention very intermittent internet availability -- I haven't really had...
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