Good news here -- for me especially :). The demo code from my VSTO Architecture talk at TechEd and in the recent MSDN WebCast is already (mostly) posted here. My colleague Andrew Whitechapel had written the WPF Control and the WCF service that I used in my demo -- which really makes it mostly his demo (thanks Andrew). Anyway, I went to ask him if I could post the code, and noticed the latest issue of MSDN Magazine on his desk with a VSTO article, and lo and behold, he published virtually the same demo on MSDN. Almost completely identical. Thanks Andrew!

The only thing that is different is that his code does the Custom Task Pane the "easy" way, the standard way. In other words, he doesn't override RequestService and implement ICustomTaskPaneConsumer. But this was a small part of the demo and used, really, to demonstrate how VSTO works under the covers. In real life very few of you should ever have a need to override this functionality. However, if you do, feel free to ping me here.