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New on the Windows Live Gallery: The Toolbar Translator Button!

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New on the Windows Live Gallery: The Toolbar Translator Button!

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Translator Now available: The Windows Live Toolbar Translator Button!

So many people said: I wish I had a simple button to translate a web page when I need it! Imagine: you browse for the latest digital camera information and before you know it, you end up on a Japanese web page and you don’t understand what it says. Did you bookmark the URL to a web page translator? Wouldn’t it be convenient to just get an English translation of this Japanese site with a simple mouse click?

If it happened to you before that your browsing experience crossed over to a specific language, your Windows Live Toolbar button will remember the last language you needed a translation for. E.g. if it was from Japanese to English, a simple click on your button will now give you an English translation in our unique bilingual view along-side the Japanese original site. If you are, however, not in need of a Japanese-->English translation, but landed on a – say - French site, you can easily adjust the language selection in the bilingual viewer’s language drop down box. Or: you can expand the little downward arrow next to the toolbar button: cid:image002.png@01C82081.5EC49270 and choose which language selection you would like to see applied when the button is clicked:

With this toolbar button, web page translations are literally only a mouse click away. It doesn’t get much easier than that!! Try it out.

Cheers - Andrea (Your friendly neighborhood Translator PM :-))

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  • I'm really happy to see this tool but would like to explore more on its accuracy.

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