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IE8 Beta 2 - Translation Accelerator

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IE8 Beta 2 - Translation Accelerator

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Last week the Internet Explorer team announced the Beta 2 release of IE8 (you can download it here).  This is great news for users of translation services, because IE8 incorporates translation directly into your browsing experience!  No need to cut and paste text from the site you are viewing into our landing page.  You now have ready access to the service – from any page you visit!  Now you can simply select some text and then click on the blue Accelerators icon. With the "Translate with Windows Live" Accelerator in Internet Explorer 8, you can get an in-place translation of the selected text displayed directly on the page.

Here's how it works:

Select a block of text on a web page:


See the blue arrow that now hovers on the page – click on it:


You have a few options here – if you hover over the menu item “Translate with Windows Live”, you will see an instant preview of the translated text (you can also change your language here):


If you click on the menu item instead of hovering over, you'll be taken to the Translator main page and the text will be translated there. Note that the URL text box is pre-populated with the page you were browsing before, so if you decide to translate the whole page all you have to do is click the button

Other options:

· Without selecting any text, right-click anywhere in the page and click on the menu item. Your web page will be directed to the bilingual viewer, and begin to be translated.

· Select a hyperlink, right click to invoke the menu and click on 'Translate with Windows Live'. The hyperlinked target page will be directed to the bilingual viewer, and begin to be translated.

Enjoy! Please let us know your feedback on the experience. 

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  • I see. The code for German in the API is "de" ("deutsch"), following the ISO 639 naming standard.

  • Thanks Chris Wendt.

    I got it now.

  • vorrei provare il vostro traduttore

  • Scusate, vi ringrazio anzitutto per le comunicazioni effettuate, sembre sono molto utili anche se evidenziano problemi non risolti, vorrei anzitutto sapere se traduzione accelerazione funziona a 64 bit, avendo appena cambiato il pc con hp hdx serie premiun e vedo che ho alcuni problemi con softwer che non sono compatibili con 64 bit in alta definizione mi sgrana il carattere. Vi ringrazio per la attenzione e resto in attesa di un vostrro aiuto saluti

  • gostaria de contar com esta ferramenta

  • gostaria de contar com este tradutor

  • Thanks a lot guys , just found this feature and am loving it :)

  • this tool has become very handy for me, even if its just for chat forums, knocks down alot of barriers :)

  • Excelente tradutor para mim que sou professor de Química, preciso de pesquisar trabalhos fora do país, foi ótimo!

  • where is the lithuanian I need to translate from lithuanian to english...please

  • je vais voir si sa marche bien aprée je vais faire un commentaire

  • je vais faire un commentaire si sa marche bien

  • Com o TRANSLATOR o mundo é meuuuuuu! ! ! ! ! !

    Parabens,Microsoft.Voce é The BEST ! ! ! ! ! !

             Sua fã,  


  • Translator, juntos rodaremos o mundo !


  • language translations we need is croation- hrvatski

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