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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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The Microsoft Translator team is excited to announce the new translation bot for Windows Live Messenger! This Messenger bot does translations for you. Just add to your contacts and start chatting. You can have one-on-one conversations with the bot, or you can invite a friend and chat in different languages with the bot translating for you.  As usual, remember that machine translation isn’t perfect – slang especially will give the engine trouble.

You can also access Windows Live Messenger on your smartphone to use the bot to translate simple sentences while you’re traveling to other countries!

The translator bot is localized into all of the languages for which we have translation support on

The translator Bot supports the following translation languages (the latest list of languages can be found here): 

      • Arabic
      • Bulgarian
      • Chinese Simplified
      • Chinese Traditional
      • Czech
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • English
      • Haitian Creole
      • Finnish
      • French
      • German
      • Greek
      • Hebrew
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Polish
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • Thai

More languages will be rolled out over the next several months.  Start using the bot and let us know your feedback!

FYI - at any time while you’re chatting with the bot, just type “TBot ?” to get a list of commands that the bot understands:


Update (1/25/2010): Updated language list and links.

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  • Do you have plans to introduce a more complete service such as this ?

  • The translation from italian to english is quite's too much literal :S

    Like "sei carino" which means "You're nice" being translated "six nice" where "sei" is also the word for the number 6... :(

  • Seems to work quite well! It even passed the lingua-loop (tm) test, where you translate something to one language, and then back. Well, for Italian, anywho:

    bufo bufo says:

     excuse me, i happen to be a literary genius. now please pass the vinegar

    TBot says:

     Mi scusi, i dà il caso essere un genio letterario. ora prego passare l'aceto


    bufo bufo says:

     Mi scusi, i dà il caso essere un genio letterario. ora prego passare l'aceto

    TBot says:

     I am sorry, i happen to be a literary genius. now please pass the vinegar

    Almost spot on!

  • We did turn off the "smart" responses. From now on you will get just the translation, as good as our engine can produce it. Diyo, thanks for your report on this.

  • Excellent .. Arabic translation is not bad at all.‎

    Is there an SDK or resources for creating and customizing messenger BOTs?‎

  • Check out

  • it is excellent but we want to see TURKISH at there:)

  • PLEASE bring back the bot:bye command!

    It was VERY USEFULL for group conversations.

    Now you have to wait for some stupid timeout...

    Also the bot now always seems to "type a message" which is annoying.

  • Try the "tbot stop" command

  • Mes collègues de Microsoft Research l’annonçaient il y a quelques jours : toutes les paires de langues

  •   Need a quick translation from English to other languages, this is hot.  To do a simple translation

  • Guys, this needs a lot of work, I just tried it in spanish with my friend....things like : Where are you from? are not understood....great idea but come one...needs to be better quality to get to market

  • The "Microsoft Research Machine Translation (MSR-MT)" Team announced at the beginning of this month that

  • Really any automatic translation work properly, and Windows Live Messenger Translation was not the exception.

    Try to translate anything using any machine translation to language A to language B and then from language B to language A, and see the results.

  • Indeed, the result will be different because Machine Translation is not as simple as a dictionary lookup :(. The question is, even in the absence of perfection, can it be helpful...? Does an imperfect translation still enable us to understand the gist of a foreign message? If so then it is worth all our efforts.

    Thanks for your comment, -- Andrea

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