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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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The Microsoft Translator team is excited to announce the new translation bot for Windows Live Messenger! This Messenger bot does translations for you. Just add to your contacts and start chatting. You can have one-on-one conversations with the bot, or you can invite a friend and chat in different languages with the bot translating for you.  As usual, remember that machine translation isn’t perfect – slang especially will give the engine trouble.

You can also access Windows Live Messenger on your smartphone to use the bot to translate simple sentences while you’re traveling to other countries!

The translator bot is localized into all of the languages for which we have translation support on

The translator Bot supports the following translation languages (the latest list of languages can be found here): 

      • Arabic
      • Bulgarian
      • Chinese Simplified
      • Chinese Traditional
      • Czech
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • English
      • Haitian Creole
      • Finnish
      • French
      • German
      • Greek
      • Hebrew
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Polish
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • Thai

More languages will be rolled out over the next several months.  Start using the bot and let us know your feedback!

FYI - at any time while you’re chatting with the bot, just type “TBot ?” to get a list of commands that the bot understands:


Update (1/25/2010): Updated language list and links.

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  • I think it would be very helpful to have Tbot give you a 'word/phrase of the day' whenever you start a conversation with it. I think that would be a great addition, but Tbot as it is is very good.

  • Audrey - that is a great idea. I will make sure to bring it up in our next feature discussion.



    (Sr. Product Mgr., Microsoft Translator Team)

  • First of all Thank You for the information. it is wonderful. I will pass the information about this wonderful idea. I also will use it and discuss about it in my next feature discussion including professionnal Translators.

    With Thanks and best wishes of succes?

  • Did you know about it. I tried it out today and it works pretty well. All you need to do is add

  • Russian->English translation is poor. It's poor even if I use "english-like" word order and very simple Russian.

    And I heard same thing is used for localized MSDN translation. Brrr.

    I liked the result of translation for "поди туда, не знаю куда". That was "Probably there, I do not know where" :-)

  • thanks so much i could not talk to my friend in columbia without it

    wow its great

  • You may be aware of Microsoft's language translation service at http://www.windowslivetranslator

  • Pretty cool idea for a messenger translation bot

  • Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available! The Microsoft Translator team is excited to announce

  • Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available! The Microsoft Translator team from Microsoft Research has released new translation bot into the wild for Windows Live Messenger. This Messenger bot does translations when you add

  • Mine doesn't work got any ideas

  • Thank you for the comment - the Live Agents support team is looking into this issue now.  I will repost back here when we are back up.



    MSR-MT Team

  • UPDATE:  The server hosting TBot has been restarted and should be responsive now.  Please let us know on this blog if there are further issues!



    MSR-MT Team

  • Corpo: Olá pessoal, Alguns dias atrás eu vi esta notícia, testei e achei super bacana ... então, decidi

  • The translation from english to arabic is quite bad

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