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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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Windows Live Messenger translation bot now available!

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The Microsoft Translator team is excited to announce the new translation bot for Windows Live Messenger! This Messenger bot does translations for you. Just add to your contacts and start chatting. You can have one-on-one conversations with the bot, or you can invite a friend and chat in different languages with the bot translating for you.  As usual, remember that machine translation isn’t perfect – slang especially will give the engine trouble.

You can also access Windows Live Messenger on your smartphone to use the bot to translate simple sentences while you’re traveling to other countries!

The translator bot is localized into all of the languages for which we have translation support on

The translator Bot supports the following translation languages (the latest list of languages can be found here): 

      • Arabic
      • Bulgarian
      • Chinese Simplified
      • Chinese Traditional
      • Czech
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • English
      • Haitian Creole
      • Finnish
      • French
      • German
      • Greek
      • Hebrew
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Polish
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • Thai

More languages will be rolled out over the next several months.  Start using the bot and let us know your feedback!

FYI - at any time while you’re chatting with the bot, just type “TBot ?” to get a list of commands that the bot understands:


Update (1/25/2010): Updated language list and links.

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  • Wow, what a great service!  I chat with a Russian IT team all the time and although their English is really quite good this service lets us chat faster.

    A really great enhancement would be to allow people to teach the bots better translations.


  • This is absolutely useful!!! MTBOT Rocks!!!

  • tbot is not working, it is offline??

  • @Luis: Can you verify which email address you are using? is up and running.

  • Adicionei o Tbot em meu msn porêm ele assim aparece offline, como faço para coloca - lo online, uma vez que ele estando offiline não tenho como chamar para conversação a três?

  • gosto muito das traduções,mas as vezes ainda me enrosco em alguns itens.mas vou aprender ta.

  • isso,quando o tbot esta offline como coloca-lo online??assim adiciona-lo a conversa?

  • I think the bot could be very useful. I have added but although it is in my list it is not online for me to communicate with.

  • necesito un traductor para mi correo

  • the bot has not been active for many weeks, after the last upgrade, it seemed to disappear. It was a great tool, and I miss it.

  • adicionei o tbot no meu messenger, mas ele não fica online. Assim, não consigo convidar amigos para a janela de conversa. O que faço?


  • it is excellent but we want to see INDONESIAN at there .

  • it is excellent but we want to see INDONESIAN at there .

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