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Microsoft Translator makes the Web more worldly

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Microsoft Translator makes the Web more worldly

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Did you know that Microsoft Translator powers translations in Live Search Bing? 

For example, to translate this search result, click "Translate this page" at the end of the result description:

Image of Wikipedia search result

You'll see the page in a bilingual view, with the original page on the left, and the translated page on the right.

Here is the list languages we support today:

English to/from:

Arabic   French   Latvian    Swedish
Bulgarian  German   Lithuanian   Thai
Chinese Simplified  Greek   Norwegian   Turkish
Chinese Traditional  Haitian Creole   Polish   Ukrainian
Czech  Hebrew     Portuguese   Vietnamese
Danish  Hungarian   Romanian  
Dutch  Indonesian   Russian  
English  Italian   Slovak  
Estonian  Japanese   Slovenian  
Finnish  Korean   Spanish

We'll roll out more languages over the next several months.

So try clicking 'Translate this page' in your search results. Let us know what you think!

Bing Search Blog

Update (11/15): Edited the link to the Bing Search blog.

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  • Our web page translation includes a user interface we refer to as the Bilingual Viewer . It offers 4

  • swedish/english - englih/swedish  please

  • turkish\english english\ turkish please but if it is possible turkish\spanish spanish\ 'll be wonderfull.

  • Our web page translation includes a user interface we refer to as the Bilingual Viewer . It offers 4

  • I've just discovered that Microsoft Translator was part of Live Search (and now Bing).

  • I know that Microsoft Translator is a part of Bing. Helpful integration to Internet users.

  • the translator is failing to work !!

  • Let us know, please, what is not working as expected for you.

  • if can be Turkish-English and English-Turkish it will be super pls....

  • deseo traducir los Emails recbidos del ingles al español

  • Microsoft offers a number of link button options so that third-party Web sites can link to a Microsoft site for information about specific software, products, and services from Microsoft.Facebook code error help services..View the code on this page.Before you get the code please enter your corret email address.

  • muito complicado!não tem geito de traduzir uma pagina automaticamente como o googleo e o Explorer não deixa instalar o tradutor de pagina do google.Fica dificil pesquisar no Explorer.muito limitado.Confuso demais

    a gente perde tempo e não consegue nada!

  • Hi Maria,

    Obrigado por seu feedback.  Vamos continuar a trabalhar arduamente para fornecer mais recursos para os usuários.  Atenciosamente.  Takako (translated by Microsoft Translator)

  • Como puedo escribir un correo en español y enviarle traducido al ruso ?

  • Hola Miguel Angel,

    La forma más sencilla de hacer esto es traducir el texto del español al ruso usando nuestro traductor, y después copiar y pegar el resultado en el programa de e-mail que esté utilizando.

    The Microsoft Translator Team

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