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Microsoft Translator makes the Web more worldly

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Microsoft Translator makes the Web more worldly

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Did you know that Microsoft Translator powers translations in Live Search Bing? 

For example, to translate this search result, click "Translate this page" at the end of the result description:

Image of Wikipedia search result

You'll see the page in a bilingual view, with the original page on the left, and the translated page on the right.

Here is the list languages we support today:

English to/from:

Arabic   French   Latvian    Swedish
Bulgarian  German   Lithuanian   Thai
Chinese Simplified  Greek   Norwegian   Turkish
Chinese Traditional  Haitian Creole   Polish   Ukrainian
Czech  Hebrew     Portuguese   Vietnamese
Danish  Hungarian   Romanian  
Dutch  Indonesian   Russian  
English  Italian   Slovak  
Estonian  Japanese   Slovenian  
Finnish  Korean   Spanish

We'll roll out more languages over the next several months.

So try clicking 'Translate this page' in your search results. Let us know what you think!

Bing Search Blog

Update (11/15): Edited the link to the Bing Search blog.

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  • Hello Hongjenlee,

    Microsoft Translator will honor your Internet Explorer settings, so if you set the default language in Internet Explorer, that will be your default "to" language on the "Translate this page" link in Bing.  To set your default language in Internet Explorer, go to Tools and select Internet Options.  From there, select the General Tab (which is likely already selected), and press the Languages button.  You will see one or more languages in a list.  If the language you're interested in is not in the list, select Add and you can add it from the list that is provided.  Once you have your "default" language on the list, move it up to the top.  Once it is at the top, Microsoft Translator will use it as your default "to" language in Bing.

    Hope that helps!!

    Will Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  • como eu posso traduzir o office 2010

  • Hello Rui,

    Microsoft Translator is fully integrated with Office 2010.  Just look for the Translate Button on the ribbon in Word or Outlook, and you'll be able to translate all or part of the current document or e-mail.

    Hope this helps,

    The Microsoft Translator Team

  • gracias   para entender las cosa y sus escritos para hacer y poder difrutar de todas  las paginas y

    sus juegos.-- gracias--

  • this is so wonderful.  Can I translate a spanish youtube video with written spanish and headings into english?  I try but it doesn't always work easy on the video pages.

  • muy bueno el traductor

  • how do we get ahold of some one to fix words that are mis-translated?

  • my apologies...  mis-spelled would be the correct term....

  • Hi Hmong User,

    Are you looking for a speller for English or Hmong?  Or, something else?  

    If you’re looking for the English speller, you can use Word to check your misspellings.  It might be a little bit inconvenient for you but that’s one way to check English spellings.

    We don’t know much about the Hmong speller unfortunately.  If you have any suggestion(s), let us know.

    Microsoft Translator Team

  • not persian translator

  • I used to be able to hover my mouse over words to translate them individually. Is this service no longer available?

  • Hi Issy,

    That feature still works.  If you go to, and specify a website to translate, in the translation you should still be able to hover over a sentence to see the original source.  Alternately, if you use BingBar in Internet Explorer, you'll have the same feature.

    Will Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  • Hi Ali,

    Since this is an older blog posting, the list of languages is a little out of date.  Microsoft Translator does currently support Persian.

    Will Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  • Microsoft преводач е великолепна придобивка за мен,но не успявам да го инсталирам правилно,и често оставам без него при посещение на друга страница!В Google се справих блестящо и рядко се налага да го активирам с десния бутон на мишката.В Microsoft не ми върви,дори не успявам да превеждам съобщенията в пощата,което ме принуждава да използвам основно браузъра на Google Chrome.

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