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Linking to a foreign language web page with Microsoft Translator

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Linking to a foreign language web page with Microsoft Translator

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Update: For your own pages, the Microsoft Translator webpage widget allows you to deliver the page in multiple languages, without taking your users away from the site. Go here to get the code snippet for your widget. Pages with the widget on them can be linked to in a specific language by adding #mstto=<lg> to the URL where <lg> is the language code (like es for Spanish) you want the page to be shown in.

Have you ever wanted to link to a web page that is in a different language than your own site?  You can use Microsoft Translator to link to the translated web page, within the bilingual viewer. 

Example of showing an English language site to a foreign language user (Simplified Chinese):

Example of showing an foreign language site (Japanese) to an English user:

You can directly embed all the options in the link. Here is how that works:

Syntax (see examples above):

          from=<source language>&

          to=<target language>&


          a=<target address>

Valid language codes:

en, de, fr, it, es, pt, zh-chs, zh-cht, ja, ko, ar, ru, nl, cs, da, he, el, pl, sv, th

Valid layout codes:

SS (side-by-side), TB (top-bottom), SP (original with hover translation), TP (translation with hover original)

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