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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Now you can translate your Microsoft Office documents with Microsoft Translator – right within Office! You can translate words, phrases, or even your entire document, through the Research task pane. We blogged about setting this up manually for Office 2007 or Office 2003 previously - now it's really easy!


This works for both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. The current default in Microsoft Office is WorldLingo – this installer will update your task pane to use Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the languages we provide.


Download the installer now and let us know what you think over in the Forum!
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  • I would like you set-up the translator install for me encase when i read the Email Idont understaind what it them said

  • Hi Debbie,

    You can use the translate feature for Outlook to read emails that you don’t understand.  The following links might be helpful for you.  Thanks.  Takako (Microsoft Translator team)

  • Hi, I tried to translate the document of 6MB size through translate utility in Word 2007. But, it did't work. I've tried again translating the document after breaking the document into small size documents. This time, it has got worked. Hope, there would be a certain threshold value for translating the word document from one language to another thorough Online. Can someone please suggest an alternate workaround for this?

    Best Regards,

    Mahesh M.

  • Hi Mahesh,

    This is a known issue and we’ve posted an announcement on our Forum (See the section of Announcements on the top saying “Known issue on Word translation”.

    We are currently suggesting users to split the large document into smaller documents, which you seem to have done already.  When we fix this problem, we’ll announce it on this forum.  Thanks.  Microsoft Translator Team

  • What do we do with Office 2010 (into Russian)?

  • Hi Nigel,

    You don’t have to download the installer for Office 2010.

    The site below explains how to use the translation feature for Office 2010.

    If you want to add more languages, you can visit:

    Hope that this is helpful.  Thanks.  Takako (Microsoft Translator Team)

  • thank for us

  • I have installed Office 2013 and am unable to get the translation services to work. I have the  bilingual dictionaries and machine translation services selected.  I am trying to all the directions found at  But it keeps telling me I have no translation services available.  Can anyone help please?

  • Hi Judy,

    You might find the link below more helpful; this site provides step-by-step explanations along with some visual cues.

    Would you try it again?  

    Let us know how it goes.  Microsoft Translator team

  • I would like to install the Microsoft Translator in my leptot to help me whit my job

  • why don't you have Georgian language?

  • It's ok...Great attention and fast solution of problems

  • I found this product very difficult to install. It tells you if your computer does not down load in thirty second click on install. when you do this you are left hanging no where to go. I am very disappointed I am not able to use this program.

  • This tool is helpful when working in many languages and in need of quick and accurate translation. Thank you Microsoft Office

  • I need to translate Afrikaans to English.  Please

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