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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Now you can translate your Microsoft Office documents with Microsoft Translator – right within Office! You can translate words, phrases, or even your entire document, through the Research task pane. We blogged about setting this up manually for Office 2007 or Office 2003 previously - now it's really easy!


This works for both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. The current default in Microsoft Office is WorldLingo – this installer will update your task pane to use Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the languages we provide.


Download the installer now and let us know what you think over in the Forum!
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  • Hi Leoni Wilkinson,

    We don't currently support the Afrikaans language.  When we have finished working on it, we will let you know here on our blog.


    William Lewis

    Microsoft Translator Team

  • I use Translator a lot in my job when communicating with colleagues abroad. I discovered today that for Japanese, there is no Insert option. For Hindi, Hebrew, Russian and other non-Latin texts, it works, but not Japanese. Is there some reason for this? I had to revert to a competing product to get my work done.

  • Hi Judith,

    For a very short selection, Office shows a dictionary answer instead of translation. The dictionary answer indeed has no Insert button.

    The way to change this is to turn off the dictionary. Visit “Translation options…” in the research pane, and uncheck “Use online dictionary”. That’ll fix Japanese. If you have local dictionaries (likely you do, for French and Spanish) you’ll need to disable them individually in that same dialog.

    Let us know if that worked,

    Your Microsoft Translator team

  • je suis un debutant en informatic et je ne parle pas serais tres content de traduire tout mes fichiers en francais. merci beaucoups a Microsoft Translator

  • Hi Daniel,

    merci pour ton commentaire et pour ton usage de Translator.

    Microsoft Translator Team

  • thanks for the Microsoft translator

  • Hi Julius,

    thanks for your feedback, we appreciate your kind words.

    Christian Federmann

    Microsoft Translator Team

  • muitu bom ter saber que esistem grandes equipa

  • Dear Arnaldo,

    thanks for your friendly words which I'll share with the team :)

    Christian Federmann

    Microsoft Translator Team

  • Great service I use it all the time. Thank  you

  • I can't find Bengali! There's Hindu and Urdu but no Bengali!?

  • I had office 2010 any I use Russian translator every day. I install Office 2013 and now I could not use this future and I could not find Russian option any were. Is this not available for 2013?

  • Hello Vadi,

    Russian translation is available in 2013, similar to how it was in 2010. Visit the "Translate" option in the "Review" tab.

    Your Microsoft Translator team

  • can I use this translator with my Mac B00k laptop?

  • thank you!

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