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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Now you can translate your Microsoft Office documents with Microsoft Translator – right within Office! You can translate words, phrases, or even your entire document, through the Research task pane. We blogged about setting this up manually for Office 2007 or Office 2003 previously - now it's really easy!


This works for both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. The current default in Microsoft Office is WorldLingo – this installer will update your task pane to use Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the languages we provide.


Download the installer now and let us know what you think over in the Forum!
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  • How do you type accents and so on in Microsoft translator?

  • Hi Rob,

    if you are normally using the English (United States) keyboard, the easiest is to use the "United States-International" keyboard, which allows you to create accents using new dead keys that look like the accent. For instance ç by typing , followed by c, and ä by typing " followed by a. To use this keyboard, visit the Reagion and Language item in the Windows control panel, choose the tab for "Keyboards and Languages" and then "Change keyboards". You can have multiple keyboards installed at once, but using "the United Stats-International" keyboard exclusively is possible, and works well for me. You just need to remember to hit the space bar wherever you want the "accent" alone.

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  • Translate DID NOT translated.

    I installed the Translator in WORD 2003 today and it did not translate.

    I typed english text into WORD 2003, right clicked screen, selected translate, selected English to Chinese PRC, touched ARROW, got an internet screen that showed a translation but all the translted characters where squares and not Chinese characters.

    How do I make the translate screen show CHinese characters ?  

  • Hi Robert,

    Regarding the display of Chinese characters, this might be your Browser issue.

    To nail down the problem, check to see whether you can see Chinese characters inside your Research pane (i.e., the right-hand side pane in Word) when you translate selected texts into Chinese.  

    If you can see the Chinese characters there, then it’s your Browser issue.

    Not sure which Browser you use but if it’s IE, you might want to check Encoding under the Page button on IE.

    I’ll put some helpful links on how to use the Translate feature in Word below, just in case.

    Hope that this helps.

    Takako Aikawa

  • I have Windows 7 Ultimate with Office 2007. Downloaded the MS Translator but am having a hard time finding it in Word. Where is it? Are there instructions to following?

  • Hi Douglas,

    To find the Translate feature in Word 2007, do the following:

    1. Highlight the text to be translated, then go to the Tools menu.  Select the Language menu option and then the Translate submenu option. The Research Task Pane (on the right-hand side) will appear.   (You can do the same by right-clicking and then select Translate.)

    2. In the Translation section of the Research Task Pane, you will see the fields From and To. In the From field, select the language that you want to translate from.  In the To field, select the language that you want to translate the selected text into.

    3. Once the languages in the From and To fields are selected, click on the green arrow below the To field to translate the text.

    You should be able to see the translation text(s) inside the Research Task pane.

    Hope that this helps.

  • Office 2010 doesn't need the Microsoft Translator installer at all.  Microsoft Translator is already in Office 2010.

    For details on how to use Microsoft Translator in Office 2010, see:


  • Thanks for this information, it was very helpful. Keep up the good work.

    <a href="">Arabic Translation</a>

  • Je souhaite bénéficier de l'aide du traducteur en ligne "translator" qui me permettra de mieux communiquer avec vous et aussi mes contacts de langue anglaise.

    remerciements anticipés,congratulations,



  • Hi Gail,

    Did you use the "Insert" button from the Research pane (the side-pane on the right-hand side) and inserted translation(s) into the document first?  Would you clarify what do you mean by “Print Translation”, so that we can help?  Takako

  • it very important to use this blog because it facility people to translate

  • Hi Lakita,

    Yes, it's important for us to use this blog.  We can learn from each other and help each other.  Keep sending us feedback and comments.  Thank you.  Takako

  • And Office 2010? Built in?

  • Hi Men,

    yes, Translator is built into Office 2010. Just use the "Translate" icon on the ribbon, in Outlook in the "Message.Editing" group, in Word in the "Review.Language" group.

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