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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Download the Microsoft Translator installer for Microsoft Office

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Now you can translate your Microsoft Office documents with Microsoft Translator – right within Office! You can translate words, phrases, or even your entire document, through the Research task pane. We blogged about setting this up manually for Office 2007 or Office 2003 previously - now it's really easy!


This works for both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. The current default in Microsoft Office is WorldLingo – this installer will update your task pane to use Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the languages we provide.


Download the installer now and let us know what you think over in the Forum!
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  • Creo que es una herramienta importante para tener a mano.

  • does it work for mac?

  • Hi Susannah,

    This installer doesn't work for Mac.  MacOffice2011 however has the translate feature and you can translate sentences into different languages with Microsoft Translator.

    Best regards,


  • can this be used for office for mac 2008?

  • can this be used for office for mac 2008?

  • Hi Neil,

    This installer doesn't work for MacOffice 2008---only works for Windows Office.  Sorry about that.  MacOffice 2011 has our translator, though.  

    Takako -- Microsoft Translator team

  • somebody hacked into my account and posted stuff on my list and thats bad, I could be mistaken for somebody else. Please help me to right this.

  • Hello Hans,

    Not sure what you mean by "my account" or "my list".  Microsoft Translator Installer shouldn't affect one's account/list (whatever they might be).  It is for Office 2007/2003.  Are you talking about Tbot?  If so, go to the following site to see more details on how to use Tbot.

    Hope that this is helpful.

    Thank you.  

    Takako (Microsoft Translator team)

  • HistoGrafic!

  • Does it translate english doc to hindi.

  • Hi Isha,

    Currently, it doesn't work for Hindi but we’re working on it.  We’ll announce it when it’s released.

    Thanks for your interests in Microsoft Translator.  Takako

  • how do i get Turkish translate program for Microsoft Word?

  • how do i get Turkish translate program for Microsoft Word?

  • Hi Kprenn,

    If you're using Office 2010, check:

    If you're using Office 2003 or 2007, download the MS Translator installer from:

    Once you add our Translator, you should be able to select Turkish in the Research pane.  The following site might be helpful for you as well.

    Hope that the above information is helpful.  Let me know if you have further questions.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Translator.

    Takako (Microsoft Translator team)

  • Hi Kprenn,

    The site below might be most helpful.

    Thanks.  Takako

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