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Any-to-Any Translations and Language Autodetect now available for Microsoft Translator

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Any-to-Any Translations and Language Autodetect now available for Microsoft Translator

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Today our team released some exciting updates for Microsoft Translator! It is now possible to translate from any of our languages to any other language. Spanish to Chinese? Arabic to German? Check :)

We have also added a Language Autodetect feature to our webpage translator. So if you’re on a page that’s in a language you don’t recognize, our translation engine will autodetect the language on the source page, and automatically start translating into the language of your choice.

We’ve also cleaned up our landing page to try and make it a bit easier to use. Let us know what you think!

In addition, some of you noticed that there was a bug for some PC configurations with IE8. There was a bug where the IE8 Accelerator did not remember the user’s selected language. With this release, the bug has been fixed. Thanks to those of you who caught the bug and let us know!! An added bonus: you can also translate from any language to any other language in the preview pane!

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  • Dear Sethu,

    at this time we do not have a translator for

    Tamil. We will add Tamil when we have sufficient training data for this language.

    Chris Wendt

  • i am indian and i have much prob to write hindi so if your translator could translate English to hindi and hindi to english so its nice.

  • Please add indian languages in microsoft translator. google has hindi. microsoft can add all major indian languages like hindi, marathi, urdu etc.

  • neat

  • Hi there, I used Bing to search for weird automation control GUID that was used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and bing found a hit in a indian Blog. I then used the link from Bing to translate the blog and I was able to solve my problem and carry on. Great work guys!

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