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Microsoft Translator Instant Answers Now On Bing

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Microsoft Translator Instant Answers Now On Bing

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Use Bing to instantly translate queries from one language to another with our translation Instant Answer!  Starting today, when you are looking for a translation of a word or phrase, go to and kick off an instant translation, powered by Microsoft Translator.  Instant translation is another way that Bing helps you complete tasks faster by presenting better organized and more relevant content.

What to expect?

Example query: translate I love you

Bing returns:


Example query: translate I love you to Japanese

Bing returns:


Example query: how do you say apple juice in Spanish

Bing returns:




Lane Rau

Microsoft Translator

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  • wow!

    I was wondering when it will happen!


  • Doesn't work that well I am afraid but a nice addition to the Bing family.  Keep em coming and crush the goog

  • However it fares in other respects, it may not be long before Bing becomes the favorite search engine

  • This is really cool.I love the new look of Live(Bing)

  • One of the things we’re focused on with Bing is bringing the answer you’re looking for to the top of

  • Not fully operational (Translate I'd like some tea to French, ...) but it's very great !

  • is it fully operational? Very Nice Feature, can we have it on our website?

  • Now this is what I was waiting for! I bet a lot of other people were waiting for Bing to come up with something like this, I really like it as I think Bing is the best search engine out there! Thanks for this great feature.

  • Gr8 work. But i m misin my native language Hindi.!

  • Scrivi nella barra di ricrca Translate (o how do you say), metti la frase da tradurre poi aggiungi il linguaggio di destinazione: e voilà Bing traduce.

  • To Surplus Stock: Yes, you can have it on your web site. Check out the Web Widget section on You can have the widget that is on this blog, on your site as well.

  • Awesome stuff!  Bing is going to give The Big G a run for its money!  About time!

  • Does Microsoft translation use a rule-based methodology or one based on phrases like Google's  translation feature?

    I prefer the latter; rule based systems seem to fail when there are exceptions to the rule.

    but I like bing enough that I will try it translation feature out.  

  • One more thing, is there a limit to how long translation queries can be?

    I tried the following:

    translate he already had his blood pressure taken to Spanish

    But I got just a link to Microsoft Translator, instead of a translation.

    And, should I try this with quotes?

    translate "he already had his blood pressure taken" to Spanish

    Lastly, what if I type a query using the words "to [language]" but want to translate that?


    translate "The books were translated to French" to Chinese

  • I've just experimented with Bing to instantly translate queries to Chinese. And I'm happy with the results. I hope Microsoft Translator will soon become the dominating reference point for web-based translations.

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