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Twenty is a nice round number – say ยินดีต้อนรับ (welcome) to our newest release!

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Twenty is a nice round number – say ยินดีต้อนรับ (welcome) to our newest release!

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In my last update I had asked about what languages you wanted Microsoft Translator service to support. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We are pleased to announce that last week we added Czech (CSY), Danish (DAN), Greek (ELL), Swedish (SVE) and Thai (THA), taking our language count to a nice round 20. image

Here is the complete list as of today: image

  • ARA – Arabic
  • CHS - Chinese Simplified
  • CHT - Chinese Traditional
  • NLD - Dutch
  • ENU - English
  • FRA - French
  • DEU - German
  • HEB - Hebrew
  • ITA - Italian
  • JPN - Japanese
  • KOR - Korean
  • PLK - Polish
  • PTB - Portuguese
  • RUS - Russian
  • ESN - Spanish
  • CSY - Czech
  • DAN - Danish
  • ELL - Greek
  • SVE - Swedish
  • THA - Thai

You will be able to translate between these languages in all Microsoft Translator powered services including Bing Translator, Internet Explorer Accelerator, Office, Widget as well as in our APIs. Feel free to send in your feedback on the new languages via the forum. We do keenly follow your recommendations and requests as we prioritize new languages – so please do keep them coming in the comments section!

-Vikram Dendi

Microsoft Translator

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  • Thanks to all of you for your input on additional languages.  We're working on a number of new languages right now and will let you know here as they become available.


    William Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  • Any plans to offer Vietnamese translation? We also have large Haitian Creole and Albanian populations in our city. Thanks!

  • We're working on new languages and will let you know in our blog site when they become available.  Thanks for your interests in Microsoft Translator!  Takako

  • Any plans to offer Turkish translation?

  • I would like to add the Norwegian. Shouldn't be that hard because of the simularities with Danish. Any plans to add Norwegian?

  • Please, add ukrainian translation.

  • There are fifty millions of Ukrainians, who think that it would be great if Microsoft Translator service was supporting Ukrainian.


  • So what about ukrainian laguage?

  • Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  • Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  • Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  • Please, add Ukrainian translation!

  • So what about Ukrainian language?

  • i'd be very grateful if you added Ukrainian translation

  • Ukrainian would be extremely helpful

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