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Welcoming Yahoo! Babel Fish users!

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Welcoming Yahoo! Babel Fish users!

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We are pleased to welcome Yahoo! Babel Fish users to the Bing Translator family. We have been working closely with our friends at Yahoo! to make this an easy transition, and Bing Translator is a natural upgrade to the experience with Yahoo! Babel Fish. We support all the languages you used with Babel Fish, and provide a superset of all the features.


fish_vkblog (4)

You will notice a welcome banner indicating your transition to the Bing Translator site from a Yahoo site when you arrive at Bing Translator.  I am pleased to introduce to you some of the great features that our translation service offers starting with a brief introduction to the technology behind the service.

Our translation technology is built on over a decade of world-class work done at Microsoft Research, and is widely used by a variety of applications and websites. You may have already encountered our technology when you used the translation features within products like Microsoft Office, Bing, Windows Phone, Facebook and Kindle. We serve billions of translations every day across 38 different languages, and we continually add to the list of languages and features. We also have a fast growing developer community.

Text translator: You can translate text snippets between the supported languages on the home page. If you aren’t sure about the language of the source text, you can always leave it as “Auto-Detect” and we will detect it for you. You can also listen to the translation for a sub set of languages by clicking the speaker icon. You can search the web with translated text snippet, or email it. We welcome your feedback on the translation quality.


Webpage translator: Simply type a webpage URL into the text entry box on the home page to translate a webpage. You can use the bi-lingual viewer functionality and switch between various views, including the popular side-by-side view. As you navigate through the site, the webpage translator continues translating.


Website widget: We delivered the first no-code, in-place translation widget several years ago and have improved it further since then. The Microsoft Translator widget is a simple to use web control that can make your site available in multiple languages without any coding, while keeping your users on your site. The unique collaborative translation functionality allows you to customize the translations delivered to your site by partnering with trusted users and allow your community to provide suggestions and corrections, to ensure the translations are always best suited to your content and always up-to-date.


You may also find it interesting to explore the language labs, where you can test new prototypes and demos from the minds of our team’s researchers and engineers. Our blog is here, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and if you have any questions or need any technical support you can use the forums.

You can also directly reach out to us at if you have any other questions.

Once again, welcome! We are very pleased to have you.

Vikram Dendi, Director, Bing/Microsoft Translator (@vikman)

Updated (5/30): Fixed some links

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  • Babelfish "retired"? Gone for ever? Can't we have both???

  • Is there a version in English? And if so how do you change it... It only comes up in Chinese for me.

  • صراحه الترجمه تمام

  • I have just put in a word in Italian to be translated into English and it incorrectly gave me the Italian word as the translation

  • Hi G,

    Would you mind giving us your Italian example that is not translated?  Thanks.  Microsoft Translator Team

  • Please make the width of the widget variable as with the Babelfish one. 200 pixels is too wide to fit in my webpage sidebar.

  • Babel Fish is cool-  I was hoping though that there can be an English to Tagolog (Philipino)

  • Hi.  Got a shock being redirected, I'm also a hundred year old + Alta Vista Babelfish user, but I'm willing to give Bing a go.

    Just got a faulty translation on a sentence that really isn't that hard. I'll happily forward it to your team.

  • I loved the name Babel Fish - too bad you didn't retain that as say bing Babel Fish - sorry Mr Douglas Adams...

  • Really irritated that there's no longer a option to translate from Croatian. I am trying to learn, and now I don't have one of my tools to translate. Thanks.

  • In fact this reminds me of Internet Explorer 6 which, in the "Help" menu, has an option called "Netscape users"... More than 10 years has passed, but what a similar feeling they are!

  • Apparently, Microsuck is filtering & deleting comments, and only posting the "favorable" ones.  Not that I'm surprised...

  • there is a reason babelfish wasn't changed for so many years.

    This is just to justify someones job

  • Why do you not give use a choice whether to stay with babelfish or not? Why have I been dragged to microsoft translator. I was quite happy with babelfish. I am NOT happy with companies that try to dictate to me what I can and cannot use.

  • Where Chinese is concerned, why not, in addition, to Chinese script, add pin yin - so that people have some idea of the pronounciation of the words.

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