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App start screen

From the start screen choose to add a new song or visit songs/recordings libraries.

Upload a song and lyric files as well as input song information before uploading.


Once files are uploaded add timestamps. Timestamps are needed for several key features of the app, for the karaoke style playback, as well as for synthesis.

After adding timestamps, in the ‘My Songs’ library, view all of the songs by artist or by letter. Select a song and choose to translate, listen or delete the song.


Choosing to translate will take them to the translate page, to select a language to translate to. Or use text to speech capabilities to listen to the pronunciation, as well as edit any incorrect translations. Save edited translated file.

Select the record menu option to go to the record page, then play the song karaoke style and sing along. Users can record line by line and are given options to play back the line they just recorded, undo it, and synthesize the line. Once complete with recording, press the save button to save recording to the cloud. It will now appear in the ‘My Recordings’ page, similar to the ‘My Songs’ page.

Check out the walk through guides written by our Interns to learn more:

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  • Using Background Tasks for Live Tiles
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