I'm in Barcelona for TechEd IT Forum, and, apparently, I can't sleep.

Earlier I had dinner with Matt (who runs the team at Microsoft Learning that coordinates with the product groups to make sure our training and certification matches to the technology releases) and Sanjay (MSL's director of planning--where we're going with courseware, certification, e-learning... the whole 9). They are fun, and we had wicked calamari.

It sounds like the TechEd Developer week was good, I'm excited for next week. Microsoft Learning has a booth in the Ask the Experts area and we made up these CDs (with a few full MS Press titles on them) to give to just MCPs... so I'm hoping people will know to stop by and ask for them! It's kind of like a tree falling in the woods: if a marketer makes a customer giveaway, but no one gets one, does it really exist?