Definitely one of the most common questions I get from MCPs (particularly in India, I think) is on the status of your MCP or credential welcome kits. So, first let me say SORRY for those of you who are not sure what to do or waiting on your kit - I know that is frustrating! 

In many cases the problem is that there is confusion about HOW to order or check status... so here's what I tell people when they ask me, with various levels of civility and optimism, "Where's my welcome kit?"

  • Kits are NOT shipped automatically after you earn a credential. You must request your kit from the MCP site: The reason we do this is to have you CONFIRM your mailing address before we send out the kit the first time.
  • After you place your order, kits take four to six weeks for delivery.
  • If you haven't received your kit in 4-6 weeks, contact your RSC (tell them when you placed your order, your MCP ID, and ask for the status of your shipment)
  • If you check your mailing address in your profile and realize the kit is NOT being shipped to the right address, please contact your RSC to update your address and resubmit your kit request. Unfortunately, re-shipments or replacements can only be ordered by contacting the RSC right now.
This guy Jesse was telling me, too, that it's not clear WHAT you're supposed to get, and when, so we put this page out there to help: Any suggestions of how to make that more helpful?