Additional info on the exam insurance promotion we announced at TechEd. See earlier post. The marketing team here at Microsoft Learning and the TechNet team put together a deal whereby people who buy exam insurance and take their first exam by January 31, 2007 will also get a one year subscription to TechNet Plus Direct. Which apparently is a $349 value. Who knew?? If you spread the word, PLEASE let people know that the 'official' announcement, with registration details (yes, you'll have to register for the offer) will go live on our sites on December 14 or thereabouts... so don't be surprised if you can't find anything on the site yet. Here's the blurb on it:

Register for Exam Insurance with TechNet Plus Direct: Exam Insurance always gives you two ways to win: a second chance to pass a Microsoft Certification exam, or if you don’t need a second chance, a 25% discount on your next exam. Now there’s a third way to win: When you purchase Exam Insurance and take your initial exam by January 31, 2007, we’ll include a one-year subscription to Microsoft TechNet Plus Direct. ($349 value.) TechNet Plus Direct is the must have online resource for the latest Microsoft updates, tools and guidance. Hurry, you must register and take your first exam by January 31.