We're kicking around the idea of asking Microsoft Certified Architects (about 70 people are MCAs, to date) to host MCP-only talks on whatever is on their mind... or whatever you want to hear about. The idea would be to have one meeting per month from these well known, high-level architects host Live Meetings for IT pro and devs with Microsoft Certifications, so you can hear what they are working on in their organizations and what is good in IT, present new whitepapers or their experiences with MSFT's latest releases. Plus questions and discussion.  

What to talk about...Here are a few ideas:

A. Topics in Exchange 2007: Design and Implementation, Migrating from Notes, Features and Functionality (would these be better for an hour on each topic, or just 1 session on exchange?)

B. Virtual Machines

C. If we did this, what would you want to hear about (or who would you want to hear from)?

Why just MCPs... because we appreciate the effort it takes for customers to pass exams and we think could be a cool way to give some insight into what is cutting edge in IT. Plus, by limiting attendance there is more possibility of Q&A/discussion with the architects.

Why Live Meetings... by virtue of audience size and locations, they'll have to be virtual--though we could talk about setting up something similar in-person for MSFT's big events, maybe?

So, there you have it. In other, unrelated, news, it's icy and snowy in Seattle and my friend Jesse fell off a camel in UAE.